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Watch the pricing of AMD Vega Frontier
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12th Aug 2018

Since some time ago, AMD was called to release their first video card on the basis of Vega architecture. The video card is Vega Frontier Edition. Now, based on the latest news that appears, the price of the Vega Frontier Edition has appeared, and it is positioned in a fairly high price class.

Based on the prices mentioned appearing on several sites, AMD Vega Frontier Edition will be marketed at a price of USD 1199 for the air cooler variant. The liquid cooler variant is marketed at a higher price, around USD 1799. That price will of course be viewed highly by gamers. However, this card was indeed not intended for gamers.

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Vega Frontier Edition is more intended for use on workstations or computing clusters. The position of Vega Frontier Edition seems to be similar to the line of Titan from NVIDIA. The process capability offered by Vega Frontier Edition is called reaching 13 TFLOP / s, which seems to refer to the ability of single-precision processes.
GPU "Gaming" Following This Year

AMD itself, of course, prepares GPU with Vega architecture for "gaming" classes. This GPU is called to be present in 2017, but the official release schedule has not been confirmed. Interestingly, AMD said that the "gaming" variant of Vega would offer better performance than this Vega Frontier Edition. Let's just wait for Vega's "gaming" presence.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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