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Should I have more than one ice machine?
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23rd Feb 2018

It may seem easy to supply all your ice from one large machine and bin, but it may wind up being less efficient than imagined. With only one commercial ice maker , your staff will constantly be running back and forth from the ice bin to soda machines, under bar ice chests, and salad bars costing you time and also increasing chances of cross-contamination.

Consider using several smaller commercial ice makers, each with a dedicated use: the soda dispenser, near the salad bar, or back bar for instance. In that way, ice is readily accessible where you need it and reducing the potential for food safety issues.

Ice machine bin sizing

The ice maker for sale bin holds ice, keeping it frozen until it is ready for use. The ice bin does not have to meet the capacity of the ice maker commercial. If your need for ice varies throughout the week, pair a smaller commercial ice maker for sale with a larger bin to ensure you do not overproduce, making sure you still have sufficient ice to handle the peak periods during your rush times.

Work with your local foodservice professional to help you select the proper modular ice units. ice makers for sale
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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