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My feet were literally in a position to adapt to e
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15th Jun 2018

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love being barefoot. You will never catch me wearing slippers or shoes at home and I often will fall out on my vibram five fingers ottawa and on my lawn barefoot. Ah the pleasures of walking barefoot around the grass!

Naturally, when I came across the minimalist shoe, I simply had to try it out! It was a month or so ago that I travelled out and purchased myself an excellent pair of vibram five fingers shoes. Including their name says, these shoes actually have several fingers: a small pocket for each toe, making them a lot like toe socks.

After 2-3 weeks of getting used to help walking in them about the house, it was time to look at them out for an actual walk. I eagerly slipped them on vibram five fingers running and stepped out on my front porch. Amazing! I could feel anything under my feet. I can admit that I had been very surprised at just how much I could feel over the thin sole. I got inside the car and made my approach to the trail where I usually walk.

It's a gravel trail via a small natural park. Again it turned out amazing to me i could feel each bit of rock under my feet without risking a car accident from those same dirt. My feet were literally in a position to adapt to every little bump while in the terrain as I walked under the path. However, my first few electricity walk steps were a rough reminder which i was not wearing my regular vibram five fingers womens and that I can not be striking my heel in the ground the same means as I do using my regular sports footwear.

It did not require long to adjust my own stride and complete my personal 40 minute walk. We are not a runner and I do not think I will ever take up vibram five fingers sale running as a interest, but I absolutely adored walking with my Vibram Five Fingers and enjoy using them again.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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