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Make the dinner enjoyable and prevent fat storage
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11th Nov 2020

Nighttime is a very important time for gaining weight. The choices you make at this dinner can determine your weight growth.

Not only food, the choices for the activities you do at night can also affect this. When eating and exercising can have a negative or negative effect on weight gain or loss.

In fact, the choice of other meal times can also affect the condition of weight growth. Even so, compared to morning and afternoon, conditions at night are considered to have the most influence on body weight.

You can apply a number of tips to help you lose weight. Reporting from Livestrong, here are some dinner tips that can help you lose weight.

Having dinner at the same time every day can be very helpful in losing weight. This can happen because you will be more planned at dinner than choosing food carelessly.

Carissa Gallowat, RDN, a dietitian and personal trainer reveals that by eating in a planned manner, you can avoid careless food choices. In addition, you can also implement a meal schedule that is later in the evening and keeps food from piling up at night.

Many people have dinner while relaxing, watching TV or playing on their cell phones. This turns out to make it difficult for you to process your taste and make it difficult to feel full faster.

Research in August 2020 revealed that when someone is doing something, they have a hard time noticing when their stomach is full. Furthermore, it can make you overeat and taste less delicious.

consumption of water is known to be associated with weight loss. Drinking lots of water before dinner can keep you from consuming a lot of calories.

Drinking water, especially in large quantities, can make your stomach fuller so you eat less.

"The added value is if you drink water 30 minutes before eating and then eat vegetables or high-fiber foods first," explains Galloway.

"The goal is to make you better fuller on food, so you avoid foods high in fat or refined carbohydrates," he continued.

The simplest strategy for losing weight at night is to chew food slowly. Eating slowly can reduce the amount of food consumed, reduce hunger, and increase satiety.

The results revealed that someone who eats faster tends to have a larger wrist circumference and is more likely to experience metabolic syndrome. Other ways you can also slow down eating include biting cutlery between bites, drinking water, or by talking to other people.

Many people immediately relax or laze around after dinner. However, if you are determined to lose weight, taking a walk at night is a must.

"Walking after dinner has a miraculous effect because it can help stimulate metabolism which can burn calories and lose weight," explains Galloway.

In addition, many people tend to be less active at night so this can help increase calorie burning activity. This activity is highly recommended for those who have diabetes risk.

now also use this diet guide https://www.healthyguidesblog. ... view-simple-and.html
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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