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being fit in the morning
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13th Feb

Morning activity will be a very important start and determine how mood and productivity throughout the day.

Perhaps we are familiar with the phrase that breakfast is the most important food in a day. But it's not just breakfast, but many routines that can be done in the morning that can determine the condition of stamina and your body throughout the day.

With a good routine in the morning, you can improve your mood and metabolism. The effect, not only can lose weight but the body can also radiate energy naturally that makes you more confident and shine.

Conditions like that would give its own spirit for everyone to  activities throughout the day with a maximum and no load.

So, how can you start the day correctly? Check out some good activities below.


Surely you already know that one of the benefits provided by sunlight is the vitamin D content that helps organ function, strengthens bones and more. But what to do with weight loss?

Simple. Every morning, schedule morning walks. No need far, enough in the area around the house. Duration of at least 30 minutes. In addition to absorbing good sunlight (below 9:00 hours), walking can also make you feel more energized, healthier and more motivated.

This energy can help you to achieve your goal of weight loss. Giving you the energy to go to the gym in the afternoon or cook and prepare healthy food for lunch to the office. Studies say that it would be easier for someone to follow a diet program with enough energy and motivation. And all can be obtained from the morning walk. Healthy and free.

High protein consumption

If you include the kind of person who is quite sipping coffee or tea at breakfast, then you lose the opportunity to fill your body with the necessary "fuel". And it would be hard to keep hungry afterwards.

High protein intake during breakfast can make your body more stable and can help you to hunger longer before the lunch schedule. The body has fasted during sleep at night. Keeping the body with protein consumption can help blood sugar levels to remain stable. Therefore, the desire to snack before lunch will be avoided.

This type of protein shake or protein bar is highly recommended, especially for those who are super busy. Two types of food is very good consumed at breakfast because it will make the stomach feel full longer.

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Pamper yourself

If you want something to eat that day, like a cake or pizza or whatever it is, better eat it in the morning. Because it will give the body a longer time to digest it than to eat it at night which is sure to turn into a pile of extra fat in the body.

Cake or pizza you can buy the night before and then served or warmed in the morning. Indeed this is not the best scenario to lose weight, but at least helps the body to be able to process food longer than gobble before bed.

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Cold shower

As cool as any weather in the morning, it is advisable to take a cold shower after you wake up. Indeed, everyone would crave a hot shower in the morning. But to be honest, there are many studies that suggest that a cold bath can increase energy, improve metabolism and regulate hormones.

When your body gets cold from the water, then the process when the body set the temperature to warm will burn the calories. With a cold shower, metabolism was immediately risen in a short time.

Cold bath water is also good for preparing the stomach to accommodate more breakfast and will regulate blood sugar levels to keep you from feeling hungry.

Chew well

The longer chewed, the food that goes into the body will be more quickly processed. Another effect, with longer chewing, jaw work can also help burn calories.

Note also the type of food consumed. Typically, fiber-containing foods take longer to chew than other foods. But this type of food can withstand hunger for longer.

Maybe this way can not directly make your weight down. But it all starts with a small thing.

Weight loss can not be done instantly. It's all about changing habits regularly and consistently going through them. If all of the above is done with a routine and consistent, not just weight loss but lifestyle and well maintained body health.
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