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64-bit processor by nvidia for gamers
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19th Jan 2018

At this year's CES event, NVIDIA announces Tegra K1-based ARM chipset for 64-bit variants. In the event, NVIDIA also mentioned that the chipset is scheduled to be released later this year. To that end, NVIDIA disclose more details about the Tegra K1 64-bit chip, Monday (11/08).

The chipset, named Denver project, was the first custom-designed custom CPU, and it was touted as the first 64-bit ARM processor for Android.

Inside Tegra K1 chipset there are two core processors named Denver with speeds up to 2.5 GHz and 192 pieces of architecture cores in accordance with the existing Kepler architecture.

According to NVIDIA, two core processors named Denver are able to provide significant performance improvements when compared with other processors that have four or eight processor cores.

The reason, in the chip there is a 7-way superscalar microarchitecture, 4-way L1 instruction cache of 128KB, 4-way L1 cache data of 64KB, and 16-way L2 cache of 2MB.

NVIDIA also confirmed that the 64-bit chip will support the Android L operating system. If as expected, the chip will bring the performance of desktop PC to mobile devices but with more efficiency power consumption.

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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